Colombia La Falda

Our founder Chris Vigilante, traveled to visit our producing partners in this region establishing a direct trade relationship that now spans over 5 years. La Falda translates to "The Skirt" stemming from the mountain range where the coffee is grown which resembles a skirt.
One aspect of La Falda that we find the most interesting and is a continuing trend throughout the coffee producing world is that farmers are having to move further up the mountain with their crops. As climate change and rising temperatures continue, the lower elevation farms that used to thrive with coffee now struggle. Ripe with coffee disease & pest that damage crops, many farmers sold their land and moved further up the mountain. This is good in one way because the land is cheaper (because its further from the town) and allows the coffee to thrive in a cool environment. However, there is only so much mountain top to go. Eventually they will run out of mountain and thus we will begin to see a decline in coffee production. These devastating effects will not only impact these farmers welfare and future but also your daily cup of coffee will start costing a whole hell of a lot more. So, what else do they do to help combat this growing problem?…shade trees. It allows for cooler temperatures for the coffee plants and more biodiversity for other flora and fauna.
We hope you'll continue to enjoy this delicious offering from La Falda, this is one of our staple coffees at Vigilante.
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Orange Marmalade, Toasty, Medium Body
Country: Colombia
Region: Garzon, Huila
Farm: La Falda
Altitude: 1450-1800 meters
Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Production Method: Washed