Colombia La Negrita Gesha- 8oz

Farmer Mauricio Shattah developed a passion for specialty coffee while studying Business Administration in the United States. Finca La Negrita, a farm named after and dedicated to his wife, Linda, who convinced him to buy land in Colombia to grow coffee, has quite unorthodox characteristics for a coffee farm. While at a high altitude, the sun doesn't shine directly on the farm, and the region has rainfall nearly year round. This, alongside natural springs, and rich volcanic soil from the Nevado del Tolima volcano provides a sweet and delicate nature to this coffee, containing notes of mango, cashew, and white peach.
Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Farm: La Negrita
Altitude: 2000 Meters
Varietals: Gesha
Rainfall: 365 days a year
Soil: Volcanic
Production Method: Washed