Red Gesha - La Negrita - 8oz

Presenting this extremely special selection, a Red Gesha
from Colombian coffee farmer Mauricio Shattah.
The cherries are meticulously selected before processing.
After washing the cherry flesh from the seeds they are submerged in water with a special addition of Tartaric Acid,
a naturally occurring organic acid that gives grapes & bananas some of their flavor. Mauricio believes the addition of this acid enhances the aromatic profile of the cup. Mauricio made the decision to buy land in Colombia to be
closer to nature and to grow coffee to help build a pathfor the future of specialty coffee in Colombia.
He pays his employees 25% higher than the average of his area.
What separates Mauricio's coffee apart is truly a dedication to the details and a journey to crafting the perfect cup.
Mauricio believes that everything he does at the farm level has a scientific base and everything can be controlled
in order to produce perfect coffee. He dreams of being the best coffee grower in the world and to be known
for his perfect no-defect coffees.
Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Farm: La Negrita
Altitude: 2000 Meters
Varietals: Gesha
Rainfall: 365 days a year
Soil: Volcanic
Production Method: Washed