El Fuego: A Dark Roast

Created as a dark roast. Notes of Dark chocolate, molasses, full bodied, mild acidity, lingering finish
Country: Colombia
Region: Huila & Tolima
Farm: Many smallholder farmers
Altitude: 1600-1900 Meters
Varietals: Caturra
Production Method: Washed
Product Notes: This roast has been created as the Gateway Drug. Our goal is to create something for everyone, and this coffee does just that. Roasted darker than we normally would, further into 2nd crack- but still retaining plenty of flavor, this coffee is designed for folks who love a little cream and sugar with their coffee. is a unique blend created from different small scale producers located in Huila and Tolima. It is essentially a little bit of each of the best lots our farm partners produce and is made up mostly of small peaberries and beans that are of a smaller grading size. The varietal is Caturra which is an old growth variety that has a really sweet and chocolate forward profile.