Guatemala La Senda

Our partner and exporter, Thomas could see the amazing potential that laid ahead for a farm that had solely been selling all of its coffee cherries to a local co-op. 3 years ago, Thomas agreed to work with Finca La Senda and gave them tips about the value of adding a wet mill and agreed to assist with processing so that they could create more sustainability and earn more for the cherries they were growing. With the new wet mill and processing they were able to conduct over 100 experiments and focus on PH levels as a guide. They took into consideration, temperature, formation time and smell. Apart from the common profiles of the region, sweet flavors of stone fruits, citrus, bright acidity and good body they observed that the prolonged fermentations and experimental processes, including carbonic maceration, natural and honey, emphasized these characteristics and significantly increased complexity. The effects of the long/slow fermentations lead to an increase in body, decrease of astringency and thus an even cleaner aftertaste - we hope you will enjoy this experiment as much as we have.
Country: Guatemala
Region: Acatenango
Farm: La Senda
Altitude: 1700-1800 Meters
Varietals: Caturra & Bourbon
Production Method: Carbonic Maceration