100% Hawaiian Kona Onila Farms - Washed

Hawaii is a coffee origin near and dear to our hearts. It is where our founder got his start working with Big Island coffee farmers in 2008. At the beginning of 2018 we connected with Award Winning Organic Kona Coffee farm, Onila run by Ron Peters, a 68 year old former pot grower. Onila Farm had recently taken first place at the Kona Coffee Cultural festival and is a USDA certified organic coffee farm. Ron grows 90% Kona Typica coffee trees as well as a 10% Caturra. He grows over 25 different varieties of fruit and shade trees that provide a rich eco system for the coffee plants to thrive in. The cup profile is nothing short of stunning. A classic Kona coffee with low acidity, complex sweetness, rich macadamia nut aromatics, and a silky & medium body, with a creamy finish leaving a lingering toastiness and chocolate.
Country: United States
Region: Big Island, Hawaii
Farm: Onila Farms
Farm Size: 8 acres
Varietals: Kona
Production Method: Washed
Product Notes: Certified Organic