Award Winning Mexico Gloria Carrizosa- 8oz

Tasting Notes: Flowery aromatics, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Delicate

This award winning coffee hails from the small farm of Gloria Carrizosa located in San Lucas, Mexico. A family run farm, Gloria, her mother, and three sons tend to the farm ensuring all quality control. After realizing that she needed to stop simply being a gatherer or picker and become a small producer (farmer), Gloria and her family dedicated themselves to producing high quality coffee in the hopes that she could obtain better money for her coffee. After winning 2nd place in the 2017 Aromas Quality of Mexican Coffee coffee auction and 3rd place in 2018 she had realized her dream of earning top dollar for her award winning coffee. Both years Vigilante purchased Gloria's award winning coffee, competing with roasters from around the world to win this amazing coffee. We are the only company in the world to feature this coffee. Gloria's coffee was auctioned at more than 26 thousand pesos per bag ($1,276.34) which that same amount of coffee, had she sold it in the informal market, would have only made between 4 and 5 thousand pesos ($196.15 USD). While it is more tedious to pick only mature cherries over the course of several months and harvest them with care as opposed to picking and harvesting them all within a week or two span it is well worth it in the end. Hands down, one of our favorite cups of coffee - we hope you will enjoy this special lot grown, picked and harvested with care.

**8oz bag from our Creme de la Creme line**
Country: Mexico
Region: Mazateca
Farm: Gloria Carrizosa
Altitude: 1650 Meters
Varietals: 100% Typica
Production Method: Washed