Dank Seasonal Espresso Blend

DANK is a taste profile we created specifically for espresso in 2016. That same year it took home two medals from the GoldenBean North America Competiton. While it has been designed for espresso it is a versatile coffee that can be brewed using many different brew methods and achieve excellent results. So without further ado, we welcome back DANK, a Seasonal Espresso.

Taste Profile: Sweet and bright with sparkling fruity flavors and balanced notes of chocolate, a green apple brightness, brown sugar and a creamy, honey like mouthfeel on the finish. Clean, balanced, and most notably DANK.
Country: Mexico
Region: Vera Cruz
Farm: CaƱada Fria
Varietals: Typica, Yellow Caturra, Pacamara, Colombia
Production Method: Washed