Ethiopia Kokola

Jasmine, white tea, grapefruit, mild acidity, delicate finish
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Limmu Region, Jimma Zone, Gummay District
Farm: Kokola Cooperative
Altitude: 1975-2100
Varietals: Heirloom
Production Method: Washed
Product Notes: Many coops in West Ethiopia have struggled to find good buyers who will pay enough for their coffee. It can be extremely difficult for farmers to manage their debt, reinvest in their farms, and make improvements that elevate the quality of their product. The Kata Mudaga Union is helping change this. The Kokola cooperative, located in the Jimma Zone in the Gummay District, is part of this extremely beneficial union. It was established in August 2016 by 35 primary cooperatives and includes a total of 17,594 small-scale farmer members. It is administered by a non-government organization that not only coordinates agronomists and managers with each coop they work with, but also has a business adviser assigned that helps the cooperative manage their debt, re-invest in quality improvements at the mill, and verifies distribution of income to all members.