Guatemala El Platanillo

Grown in the San Marcos region of Guatemala, Finca El Platanillo is the first farm in the world to be certified as Climate Friendly by the RFA. In addition to being extremely conscious of the environment and the effects they can have on it, the farm has partnered with Nuevo Platanillo School, donating land and resources to help facilitate the school alongside its Coffee Degree program, where teens learn about coffee production, improvement and sustainability. All of this results in a coffee culture cultivated for continued success for both the farm, and the beneficiaries of it, as they strive to create a phenomenal coffee and community surrounding it. This semi sweet coffee is grown at 1,350 meters above sea level, and contains lingering notes of Bittersweet Dark Chocolate with a medium acidity.
Country: Guatemala
Region: Amatitlan
Farm: Las Margaritas
Altitude: 1900 meters - 2000 meters
Varietals: Yellow and Red Catuai
Production Method: Washed
Product Notes: Finca Las Margaritas is located in Amatitlan, Guatemala. Amatitlan is a lake about 45 minutes from Guatemala City. Las Margaritas is one of the highest coffee plantations of the area starting at 1,900 meters. Thanks to the elevation at which the coffee is planted it is easy to taste its excellence, with notes of tropical fruits like oranges with a great acidity. The portion of the farm where the coffee is planted encompasses about 15 hectares of land, which is around 20% of the entire farm; the reason why more coffee is not planted is because above 2,000 meters coffee plants become very inefficient and drop in their production. Las Margaritas is completely different from traditional Guatemalan farms. They do not use shade trees in order to avoid frost over the cold season as well as cold nights. The varieties they produce are Yellow and Red Catuai, the combination of both enhances the flavor, acidity, and sweetness of this amazing coffee.