Guatemala Pacamara Natural

The Pacamara varietal is unique in both size of the bean and cup profile. This year we purchased two specialty lots from
El Platanillo. Both lots are the varietal, Pacamara. We purchased the Natural & Washed process Pacamara with the goal of showing the taste difference in processing. The varietal was first discovered in 1958 and was the result of a hybrid of Maragogype and Pacas. Pacas is a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal (one of the most common arabica varietals found throughout the world). The tree is shorter in size and can endure tough climatic conditions such as tough winds, direct sunlight, and water scarcity. Pacamara is favorable amongst farmers because it is highly resistant to diseases, can adapt to various growing conditions and has high production yields.
El Platanillo's approach to sustainability & focus on combating climate change is industry leading. They are, in fact, the first climate friendly certified farm in the world. Here is what you can expect from the Natural process Pacarmara as far as tasting notes go: Chocolate, black tea, toasted walnuts, rich syrupy body & a lingering bittersweet finish.
Country: Guatemala
Region: San Marcos
Farm: El Platanillo
Altitude: 1250 Meters
Varietals: Pacamara
Production Method: Natural