Kenya Kaguyu

Plum, apricot, butterscotch, clean, lingering finish
Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga
Farm: Kaguyu
Altitude: 1700-1950 meters
Varietals: Sl-28 & SL-34
Production Method: Washed
Product Notes: Kaguyu, a small cooperative with a little over 600 smallholder farmers is located in central Kenya in Kirinyaga. Each smallholder farmer has around 200 coffee trees. After cherries are hand picked, hand sorted, pulped by a disc depulper, graded by density, dry fermented for 16-24 hours, washed, graded by density once more, soaked in clean water for 16-20 hours, and then sun dried for 14-16 days, the coffee is delivered to the traditional auction system in Kenya. Kenya’s coffee auction system dates back to 1934 and are considered to be most transparent distribution system for specialty green coffee. It has also inspired the model for the Cup of Excellence auctions, the higher the quality the higher the prices. Farmers typically receive about 90% of the sales price after cost of marketing and preparation is deducted. The auction system provides opportunities for many smallholder farmers to easily sell their coffee for better prices.