Kenya Kiunyu AA

Unlike many other coffee growing countries, Kenya has a well-established and well functioning auction system which allows washing stations from all over the country to transparently sell their coffee to customers from all over the world. Coffees are organized by screen quality (such as size and physical attributes). Most coffee producers in Kenya are "smallholders" meaning each producers total volume might only be a few bags, thus hundreds of farmers when living in the same area are likely to be members of a cooperative which markets and sells coffee on the whole communities behalf. Good management at the processing/washing stations ensures no unripe or unevenly matured cherries make it through. Accepting bad cherries can damage the potential to receive the best prices for everyone. After the coffee has been processed (hulled), analyzed, and screened (sorted by bean size and shape) they are given an out-turn number. AA's are flat with a screen size of 17+, AB's are flat with a size of 15 or 16 and PB's are peaberries. This particular coffee is an AA that we have fallen in love with - Enjoy!
Country: Kenya
Region: Nyeri
Farm: Kiunyu Washing Station
Altitude: 1650 Meters
Varietals: SL-34 & RUIRU 11
Production Method: Fully Washed