Mexico Jose Daniel

José Daniel is recognized as one of Mexico's premier coffee producers. Each harvest, lots are sold to barista chamipions and a select group of roasters around the world. We are proud to be one of those roasters. We discovered José Daniel's coffee at a coffee auction in 2016, The Aromas de la Sierra compeition. That year José won 2nd place and since then we have been purchasing his coffee every year.
In 2017 we sent our Green Buying team to visit Jose's farm and learn about his process of growing, processsing, and drying his coffees. Our particiaption in these auctions encourages and supports producers to grow & produce the very best & highest quality coffee they possibly can. In the specialty coffee world, it is not a quantity focus but a quality focus. Finca Canãda Fria takes great care of not only producing high quality coffee but also the environment by not using herbicides, fungicides or any product that contaminates the land or the ecosystem.
A medium bodied coffee with notes of milk chocolate, mango and crisp green apple make this an easy cup for anyone to enjoy!
Country: Mexico
Region: Vera Cruz
Farm: Cañada Fria
Altitude: 1350-1450 Meters
Varietals: Bourbon & Caturra
Production Method: Washed