Tin Lizzie Espresso Blend

Our Tin Lizzie espresso is inspired by the Italian-style of espresso, known for its heavy body, deep chocolate &
caramel tones. When combined with milk, the espresso stands out creating a toasty & chocolatey sweetness in each drink.
Tin Lizzie was Crafted over a 7 year period and has been an ongoing project for our team. The goal being to make each component of the blend as high quality & as directly sourced as possible. With our roastery occupying a historic model-T Ford showroom, it only seemed fitting to pay homage by naming this blend "Tin Lizzie" - one of the famous vehicles' nicknames.
Country: Brazil, Sumatra, Ethiopia
Farm: Capim Seco, Kerinic, Hadeso
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Andung Sari, Heirloom
Production Method: Washed, Giling Basah, Natural