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Stainless Steel Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave Stainless Steel dripper is an essential tool in the coffee brewing arsenal. Durable, Versatile, consistent, and super simple to use. It’s takes the guesswork out of a pour over. The flat-bottom coffee bed geometry, patented "Wave" filter, and three-hole design work together to provide an even extraction that makes brewing a perfect cup accessible and easy.

What’s the difference between the ceramic and the stainless steel Kalita Wave? Ceramic helps hold the heat better, but if dropped can break. The stainless steel will never break, but doesn’t hold the heat quite as well. This is our humble and honest opinion on the product.

Learn to use the Kalita perfectly everytime with our Vigilante Brew Works Tutorial:

Brewing 101- Kalita Wave-HD from Vigilante Coffee on Vimeo.